Broadhead arrow for deer hunting.

How to Choose Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Broadheads are “a type of arrowhead used in archery for hunting or tactical purposes”.

The best broadheads for deer hunting provide pinpoint accuracy, good penetration, large blood trials, and quick kills with a low failure rate. But not every broadhead provides the same balance of these qualities.

Certain broadheads are better than others at penetrating through bone. Others provide a larger cutting diameter. But what are the best broadheads for deer hunting? Are they the same as the best broadheads for elk hunting? 

Ultimately, the answers to these questions depend on your priorities. Let’s dig a little deeper so you can choose the perfect broadhead for your needs.

Types of Broadheads for Deer Hunting

There are two main types of broadheads: fixed and mechanical.

Fixed Broadheads

The blades of fixed broadheads are connected to both the front and back of the broadhead body. This type of broadhead has no moving parts, hence the name. This makes fixed broadheads strong and sturdy.

Mechanical Broadheads

Unlike fixed broadheads, mechanical broadheads do have moving parts. The main advantage here is that they provide a larger cutting diameter for bigger blood trails as well as less planing. The failure rate is, however, higher than fixed broadheads, because of the moving parts.

How to Choose the Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer 

Choosing between fixed vs. mechanical broadheads is ultimately a personal choice. At the end of the day, any broadhead can provide a kill shot if wielded correctly. But there are certainly some considerations to keep in mind when figuring out which type of arrow works best for you.

Strength & Durability vs. Cost

Most hunters buy 5-10 or so broadheads per season and take at least as many with them on each hunt. When buying broadheads, you should always get one for the practice range and have several more handy for the rest of the season. 

Because of their sturdy construction and often considerable weight, fixed broadheads are generally easier to both sharpen and reuse several times compared to mechanical broadheads. 

When choosing budget broadheads (whether fixed or mechanical), keep in mind that the steel may be softer and the broadhead may not last as long compared to higher-priced higher-quality arrowheads.

Sharpness, Penetration, & Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of a broadhead is important because the bigger the cutting diameter, the bigger the blood trail. This matters for tracking purposes. 

Penetration is important because not every shot will penetrate organs immediately. Therefore the ability of a broadhead to slice through connective tissue and even crack bone is important to ensuring a quicker (and thus more ethical) kill. Sharpness and penetration work together in this regard.

Aerodynamics & Flight vs. Noise

Since arrows flying through the air follow the laws of physics, some hunters prefer vented broadheads, which plane less and may at times offer more accuracy. But they do make a whistling noise when shot through the air, which hypervigilant whitetails are likely to react to.

What Are the Best Fixed Broadheads for Deer Hunting?

Ultimately, the decision to use fixed versus mechanical broadheads is yours. Some hunters start with mechanical broadheads due to their accuracy, initial affordability, and large cutting diameter. But in the long run, choosing high-quality fixed broadheads is probably a savvier choice. 

While we don’t want to sway you one way or another, as we find that testing out a variety of different broadheads and comparing each is the best way to find your preferred style if you’re looking for somewhere to start in the sometimes overwhelming sea of broadhead choices, we love Ozcut offset broadheads for their simplicity, strength, field-point accuracy, and bone-splitting capability.

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