watch the deadfall feeder in action


Daytime Deadfall Deer Feeder

Let's talk about every hunter's worst nightmare: hunting nocturnal deer. If you want to hunt nocturnal bucks during the day, you need Tectonic's automatic deer feeder.

Our game feeders make bucks more huntable; even the oldest, gnarliest, and most intelligent bucks don't stand a chance against our deer hunting feeders.

Tectonic has introduced the most innovative, sophisticated deer feeders ever designed so you can easily hunt your bucks in the daylight.

Revolutionary Game Feeders

As bucks age, they become more nocturnal, their racks become larger, and they become increasingly difficult to hunt.

Mature bucks like to move at night to avoid stress. Stress can be caused by humans, hunters, or even other deer, but the fact is that a mature buck will do anything to minimize excessive stress levels. If you want to hunt massive bucks that wait till nightfall to move, you will have a very difficult time.

That’s where our automated deer feeder comes in. The deer feeder attracts deer out of hiding during the day, saving you time, money, and energy.

An Unrivaled Design

Bucks are often startled, so even the smallest noise can ruin your hunt. When it comes to feeding deer, make sure you are using equipment that won't frighten them. Our feeders for deer are designed with a natural deadfall log exterior to blend in with nature and make minimal noise.

Since bucks prefer a stress-free existence and generally like to remain alone in seclusion, the automated deer feeder lures your buck into a false sense of comfort and solitude while positioning your target perfectly broadside for a flawless aim.

You can use this feeder to entice deer to your location by feeding it any deer feed you like. For example, you can use it as a corn feeder, deer mineral feeder, or protein deer feeder.

Our deer feeder invention holds 350 pounds of dry feed and is rain and weather-resistant, allowing you to hunt in any condition and saving you money on feed.

The Deadfall deer feeder is exceptionally easy to operate and can run on a single 12-volt battery for 3 months or more. With a user-friendly timer, you can automate the deer feeder to close at night and open during the day.

Shutdown Nighttime Feeding

It's time to turn nocturnal deer into daytime deer. You no longer have to hunt for hours or days without seeing a single deer. This daytime automatic deer feeder actually trains your deer to only feed during the day by shutting down nighttime feeding.

Not only is this deer feeder every hunter's dream, but it's also excellent for wildlife photographers.

With our ultimate deer feeder, you can have more fun and see more deer during the day. Train your deer to eat during the daytime with the Daytime Deadfall Deer Feeder today!