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Whether you’re a deer hunter or a wildlife enthusiast, Tectonic’s ultimate deer feeder is the best way to level up your game and see more deer. We have combined all of the best features of existing deer feeders to create one better, automatic, and large deer feeding station.

We are aware of how challenging mature, nocturnal, and intelligent bucks can be to hunt, which is why we developed the best solution – the Daytime Deadfall deer feeder. This lightweight, strong, and superior deer feeder trains deer to feed during the day and prevents them from feeding at night.

All-in-One Superior Deer Feeder

This deer feeder has an easy-to-use built-in timer that can be set to close at night and open during the day so your bucks come to your land during the day. It's designed to give large bucks easy access to food, and because of its barrel shape, deer are drawn out of hiding and placed perfectly broadside for a clean shot.

It has a natural deadfall log exterior so it blends seamlessly with its surroundings and makes little noise to draw your deer into a false sense of security. This deer feeder holds 350 pounds of dry feed so you can save time, money, and energy.

With this Daytime Deadfall feeder, you can hunt in any weather, rain or shine, as it is rain and weather-resistant. It is completely user-friendly and quick and easy to assemble so you can have a stress-free hunting experience.

By purchasing 4 Daytime Deadfall deer feeders in this bundle, you can save $400 on your entire order! Get your Daytime Deadfall feeder today!


33" Long x 28" Wide x 32" Tall

Customer Reviews

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Vance Ferguson
What if it rains during the time it is in feed position during the day?

What keeps the feed dry during a rain storm while in open feed position.

Matt Fahey
Can not find directions on how to program controller

Can not find directions on how to program feeder

David Mixon
Daytime feeder

Haven’t set them out yet, need batteries, I would have thought with the price of them, they would have come with batteries included. But I will get batteries and set them out, then I’ll let you know if I have wasted money or not.