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If you’re struggling to attract deer to your land during the daytime, you need the ultimate Daytime DeadFall Deer Feeder. Our automatic deer feeder is the hunting tool you never knew you needed. It’s the world’s first deer feeder that you can program to open and shut at any time.

As bucks mature, they get more nocturnal, making them more challenging to hunt. Tectonic’s Daytime deer feeder can lure the oldest and smartest deer out during the daytime and position them for the perfect shot.

Thanks to an easy-to-use digital timer, this deer feeder allows you to select when and how frequently it distributes feed throughout the day. Its natural log exterior encourages deer to come out of hiding during the day and allows them to feed easily without any obstacles.

By storing 350 pounds of dry feed, this deer feeder eliminates the need for frequent refilling. It is completely weather resistant and prevents squirrels, racoons, possums, birds, hogs, and other critters from eating your deer feed at night, which saves money and drastically cuts down on wasted feed.

Tectonic’s Daytime Deadfall Deer Feeder is the best investment a hunter can make. It is designed to be functional, dependable, and long-lasting. All you have to do is set up it once, and you are ready to go.

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33" Long x 28" Wide x 32" Tall