Deer Feeder Solar Panel Charger

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Charge Your Deer Feeder or Any 12V Battery With Our 12V Deer Feeder Solar Panel.

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING! Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days

Use Our 12 Volt Solar Panel With Your Deer Feeder

Charging your deer feeder battery just got a whole lot easier (not to mention cheaper and more convenient).

Harness the power of the sun to easily charge your Tectonic Daytime Deadfall Feeder or other deer feeder with our 12V solar panel deer feeder charger.

You don’t have to pay for metered power to charge.

You don’t have to remember to plug in the battery into an electrical outlet.

Just set it and forget it! The ultimate in convenience and cost-savings, our 12V deer feeder solar panel is the perfect addition to any deer feeder.

Use Our Solar Panel To Charge Any Rechargeable 12V Battery

Anything that runs on a 12 volt battery can be charged using our 12 volt deer feeder solar panel!

While it’s been designed to work specifically with the Tectonic Daytime Deadfall feeder, this handy device can be used to charge any rechargeable 12V battery, making it a truly multi-purpose product.

Deer Feeder Solar Panel Charger Product Details

  • Recharge Any Deer Feeder that runs on a 12-Volt Battery
  • Keep Your Deer Feeder Battery Charged All Year Long
  • Polycarbonate Casing
  • 7" X 3.6" Solar Panel
  • Mono-Crystalline Design
  • Great for Remote Areas
  • Water Proof

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Austin Martinez

Battery died after six days.

Kenneth Royer

Don’t know just got my solar panels two days ago


Just received look legit


Doesn’t charge the battery properly

Darrell Nicholson
Solar panels

Good just need better connection plugs