Faqs: How to Set Up a Deer Feeder

Deer feeders can be a game changer for any hunter or wildlife photographer. Deer feeders draw deer out of hiding so you can snap the ideal picture or fire a shot. In order to benefit from all that Tectonic’s Daytime Deadfall Feeder has to offer, you need to know how to set up a deer feeder.

What time should I set my deer feeder?

A digital timer allows deer feeders to keep regular schedules and draw in deer throughout the day. Our Daytime Deadfall Feeder can be programmed to open and close at whatever time periods you desire. We recommend setting the opening and closing times to be consistent with legal hunting hours. When learning how to set up a deer feeder, you should leave it open 24/7 until trail camera footage indicates that deer are becoming accustomed to the feeder, and then restrict access to feeding only during the day.

Do automatic deer feeders scare deer?

An automatic deer feeder is set to dispense food whenever you program it, saving you the trouble of making frequent trips to replenish the food in your deer feeder. Our automatic deer feeder features a natural log exterior to blend in with nature and prevent scaring away deer, and it can be set to open and close whenever you like.

What battery does the Daytime Deadfall Feeder use?

12-volt 7.5 AMP battery will fit and power the feeder. The right size battery for this deer feeder is 6in x 2.5in x 3.75in.

How do you charge a deer feeder battery?

This 12-volt 7.5 AMP battery can be discharged and recharged numerous times. It can take anywhere from 2-7 hours to recharge a 12V battery. The larger and more depleted the battery is, the longer it will take to charge. You can keep the daytime deadfall feeder charged and running year-round with our solar panel charger accessory.

Where can I find the battery?

You can find any 12-volt battery at any local hardware or automotive store (Walmart, Home Depot, etc...)

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the weather, a fully charged 12V battery will allow the feeder to open and close every day for at least 3–4 months, if not longer. With our solar panel charger accessory, you can keep the daytime deadfall feeder charged and running all year long.

How do I use the timer?

With every tectonic feeder product, we include assembly instructions and timer instructions. Once you receive the product you will receive a set of instructions on how to properly operate the product.

All of our products are very user- friendly. You can automate the timer to open/close once or twice per day, as needed. You may also adjust the open/close times throughout the year as sunrise/sunset times vary throughout the year.

Is the product a bear-proof deer feeder?

There are very few products, especially deer feeder products, that are designed to prevent a bear from getting inside it. Fortunately, bears tend to feed at night, whereas our Daytime Deadfall Feeder closes at night and can prevent bears from getting inside of it. With that being said, The Daytime Deadfall Feeder is not absolutely bear-proof. If you have a heavy bear population in your area, there is a chance that bears can tamper with the feeder.

Will squirrels eat through the feeder?

The Tectonic Daytime Deadfall Feeder is molded here in the USA at the highest quality possible with high-density polypropylene. Through significant product testing over the last 5 years, there have been no issues with rodents or squirrels chewing through the feeder. 

While we believe we carry a squirrel-proof deer feeder, it is not to say that a rodent or squirrel won't chew on the feeder, but it is highly improbable and unlikely that they could cause damage to the feeder. If rodents are of concern in your area, please look out for our Tectonic Defender strip accessories that can be added to prevent rodents and varmints from climbing on the feeder.

What is the best deer feed?

When thinking about what to put in a deer feeder, hunters should consider corn or rice bran because these are great and affordable choices. Additionally, you can use high-protein feed that also contains minerals. Pellets can range in protein content from 16 to 21%, depending on the brand. The ideal protein intake will vary depending on the circumstances. 

In a hot summer, deer won't have a sufficient supply of leafy greens, and they may find it difficult to digest a pellet with too much protein. If it is cooler and there is more rainfall, deer can digest higher protein pellets more easily with the natural vegetation.

What protects the feed during the rain?

When the doors are closed, the rubber flashing on top of the feeder prevents rain from entering the feeder. When the feeder doors are open, The Gull Wing Door design minimizes rain from entering the feeding area during a normal shower. During a heavy wind and sideways rain storm, rain could enter through the side of the feeder.

In the event that you experience a sideways rain storm, our feeder is designed to allow any water that may enter through the side of the product to escape through the bottom of the feeder. We are also developing a rain sensor that will be offered as an accessory at a later date

I’m not finding my issues listed on the FAQ

If you’re having trouble and can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please feel free to contact us at support@tectonic-usa.com. Our Customer Support Team will be able to assist you with any questions!

Deer Feeders from Tectonic USA

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