Timed Deer Feeders

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Are you having trouble hunting deer during the day or capturing that perfect shot? If you answered yes, it's time to step up your game and check out Tectonic's superior timed deer feeder.

Deer feeders come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but the best deer feeder is a ground deer feeder. Tectonic's ground deer feeder will help you attract deer to your site during the day.

Nothing is more frustrating than hunting during the day and wasting hours of your time without seeing a single deer. Our electric deer feeder is designed to meet your needs and solve your problems.


Our deer feeding station has merged all of the market's deer feeders into one better, automatic, and large deer feeder. When you want something more advanced, precise, and reliable, nothing beats our one-of-a-kind automatic game feeder. 

Trains Deer to Eat During Daytime 

Our timed deer feeder trains deer to eat during the day. When deer get accustomed to feeding at night, they will hide during the day to avoid stress and remain isolated. Our barrel feeders for deer eliminate nocturnal feeding completely, allowing you to see your target in the daylight.

Saves Money 

Our electric deer feeder is designed exclusively for feeding deer. This deer feeding station holds 350 pounds of dry feed and closes at night and opens during the day, saving you money on deer feed.

Weather Resistant 

Our deer feeders that close at night are completely rain and weatherproof, allowing you to hunt in any condition. Since they lock at night, your deer feed is protected from water and other animals seeking to feed.

Exceptional Design 

Our timed deer feeder has a natural deadfall exterior that allows it to blend perfectly with nature, making it the best low-profile deer feeder available. Its barrel shape draws the deer out of hiding and positions them perfectly broadside for the ideal shot. 


This battery-operated deer feeder's digital timer allows you to feed exactly the amount you want when you want it. It's as simple as filling the deer feeder and setting the timer. The automatic deer feeder with a timer saves you ample time and effort. 

Shop the Daytime Deadfall Feeder 

The Tectonic timed deer feeder is designed for the professional hunter who wishes to feed stress-free. It is quick and simple to assemble, straightforward to use, and entirely user-friendly.

These ground-breaking deer feeding stations are built to last a lifetime. Its innovative and patented design provides the highest quality deer feeder on the market.

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or an experienced hunter, you can benefit from our timed deer feeders.

Are you ready to transform nocturnal deer into daytime deer? Start seeing more deer in the daylight by shopping our Daytime Deadfall Feeder now!