Deer Feeder Defender Kit

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• Deters and prevents raccoons, squirrels, possums, and other unwanted critters from climbing on deer feeder

• Can attach to any deer feeder

• Does Not Harm Deer

• Can Attach to Daytime Deadfall Feeder and Daytime Deadfall Feeder Lift Kit

• 10 Strips Per Package

• 1 Package will outfit 1 Daytime Deadfall Feeder

• 2 Packages will outfit 1 Daytime Deadfall Feeder if equipped with Lift Kit accessory

Customer Reviews

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Scotty Smith
defender strips

Not sure how these are working at this point. I still have coons getting into my closed feeder although not as often so may be doing the trick. I wish there was some type of latch that locks the doors down into the closed position. They seems to torque down when closing but the coons just lift the doors up and open so they can squeeze through.

Terrence A. Honore

The door would close better if you could level it better, the leg need to be in a frame like a box spring for a bed! then you could level it.

David DiLorenzo

Deer Feeder Defender Kit

Joseph Simmons
Defender kit

It was easy to install. Took less than 10 minutes. Offers additional protect from small vermin.

BnB Ranch
Terrible Service

I still haven't received my order.