Hunter wearing camo clothing and holding a compound bow

What to Wear Deer Hunting: Everything You Need & Nothing You Don’t

Every hunting trip you take will be different. Some days, you’ll fill tags almost instantaneously. Other days, you’ll be out from dawk to dusk and not make any kill shots. Some days will be brisk but comfortable; others frigid and damp.

In choosing your hunting gear day-of, you’ll of course want to change up what you wear based on current conditions. But this guide should help you understand the essentials of hunting gear: what you must bring with you to avoid being seen or scented and to stay comfortable. You’ll learn:

  • What colors to wear and what colors not to wear deer hunting.
  • What kind of clothing items are important for days spent hunting.
  • What camo to wear deer hunting.

Dress For the Weather (Layers Are Your Friend)

Check the weather the night before you’re planning to hunt. Then check it again the morning of. Dress accordingly.

Bowhunting season generally extends from September through January, depending on the state. Firearms season generally runs through the month of November, depending on the state. Either way, hunting weather isn’t normally too warm!

You’ll want to dress in layers. This way, you can remove a layer if the weather gets warm or stay bundled up and well-insulated if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

  • Base Layers: should beoisture-wicking layers that hug the skin fairly closely.
  • Insulating Layers: should be thick and warm materials like fleece or down.
  • Outer Layers: should be waterproof and windproof, as well as neutral-colored (think earth tones or camo).

Avoid cotton at all costs, because although it’s soft, it’s also highly-absorbent.

Wear These Colors & Patterns

  • Earth Tones: Olive green, brown, tan, taupe, and gray are ideal if not wearing camo.
  • Camo: Camouflage patterns are popular for a reason: they mimic the colors and sights of a deer’s natural environment. For this reason, common camo colors include varying shades of brown, green, and gray. People often wonder what camo to wear deer hunting (there are many types of camo in varying colors and patterns). You should ideally match the camo as closely to the environment as possible. But in a pinch, any camo will be better than any pair of jeans or street clothing.
  • Blaze Orange: Legally required by many states for hunting, blaze orange helps you be seen in the woods by other hunters, minimizing the chances that you’ll be shot and injured, or worse.

Don’t wear blue. It’s easier for deer to see than other colors. (Yes, this means that even though some people throw caution to the wind and wear their favorite pair of jeans, you shouldn’t follow their example).


Hunter wears blaze orange vest over camo coat

Wear Good-Quality Insulated Boots

A good pair of well-insulated boots is absolutely essential when hunting whitetail, or any game for that matter.

Rubber is a popular material because it not only is weatherproof, but also can block your scent.

Accessories to Wear

Don’t forget to bring gloves, lighted headgear, and a turtle or neck gaiter.

Remember, too, that your method of hunting will influence the relative importance of certain clothing items.

For instance the boots you choose are more important when stalking compared to hunting in a ground blind, but in a ground blind, you’ll want to ensure your outer layer blends in well with the interior color of your ground blind. Meanwhile, staying warm becomes more important when up in a treestand.

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