Deer eat pellet style food

Do Deer Like Protein Pellets & Are They a Good Food Source?

You’ve probably heard that although deer love corn, it offers them little to no nutritional value, and therefore, while it’s a good attractant, it’s not a good supplemental food source.

You’ve probably also heard that deer need around 12-16% protein in their diet. So what about protein pellets? They offer the higher protein content deer need, but do deer like them? Are they a good source of food? Here’s what you should know.

Do Deer Like Protein Pellets?

Yes, deer like protein pellets, but not as much as other food sources such as acorns, corn, and fruit. As Buck Manager notes, seasonality has a lot to do with whether deer will flock to protein pellets as a primary food source:

“If you place out a new protein feeding station during the spring or fall, do not expect deer to hit them very quick. On the flip side, placing a supplemental feed station out during a high-stress period, such as summer or winter, may promote the animals finding and using the feeder much more quickly.”

Protein pellets provide additional protein that deer need for growth and antler development. People often wonder if deer can have too much protein, and while there is some debate about this, the general consensus is that excess protein doesn’t usually cause any harm to deer, but too little protein does.

How to Get Deer to Eat Protein Pellets

To get deer to eat protein pellets, introducing them in the summer or winter is optimal.

To get deer used to protein pellets, you may at first try mixing them with other food sources such as corn or acorns.

Are Protein Pellets a Good Food Source for Deer?

Yes, they are a good supplemental food source and provide deer a balanced nutritional profile. But remember, supplemental feeding is meant to be just that — an addition to deer’s natural diet meant to keep them healthy and provide nutritional value over the long-run. They are not a “cure-all”.

What Are the Best Protein Pellets for Deer?

There are a variety of good protein pellets available for deer. The important thing is ensuring that the protein pellets you choose meet deer’s nutritional needs, which, as Purina notes, means the pellets should have about a 16-17% protein content.

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