Deer at a Texas ranch feeder

How Do Deer Feeders Work?: Your Guide to the Different Types of Deer Feeders

If you're a deer hunter, a wildlife aficionado, or an animal lover, chances are you've had the desire to purchase a deer feeder.

There are many types of deer feeders, and they can be game-changers for anyone wishing to observe a difficult-to-see animal. They lure deer and other animals into your area so you can get the perfect shot. 

Although they are not legal in every state, deer feeders sure do provide many benefits no matter their use. 

What is a Deer Feeder? 

Deer feeders, also known as game feeders, are useful tools for wildlife photographing, game management, and hunting purposes.

Deer feeders hold large quantities of deer feed to lure deer onto your property or land. They are highly desired for their effectiveness, ease, and dependability.

Types of Deer Feeders

Nothing is worse than raccoons raiding your deer feeder and stealing all of your feed. A raccoon can consume up to 5 pounds of food in one night, which equates to almost 1,000 pounds of feed each year! 

That is why investing in a high-quality varmint-proof deer feeder is vital. A coon proof deer feeder that's lifted off the ground will save you time, money, and energy. 

Here are a few of the most common types of deer feeders: 

Gravity Feeders 

There are no moving parts, motors, or batteries in a gravity feeder. As the deer continue to eat, the feed trickles down. Gravity deer feeders require less maintenance, have a huge food capacity, and can accept any sort of feed. 

Hanging Deer Feeders

A hanging deer feeder is a type of deer feeder that hangs from an object, such as a tree, and distributes deer feed. These feeders help you keep unwanted animals away from your feed and are very manageable for one person to refill. 

Protein Deer Feeders

Protein feeders are an excellent option for attracting a large number of deer.  They are utilized to supply deer with the nutrition they need to grow and stay healthy.

Stand and Fill Deer Feeders

This type of deer feeder has four legs and can easily be filled from the ground. It dispenses corn into an open space in order to attract deer to your property, and its low profile design makes feeding more practical and accessible.

Automatic Deer Feeders

With an automatic deer feeder, you don’t need to worry about a thing. It distributes feed using timers and motors and releases specific qualities of feed at a time.  Automatic deer feeders allow for better observation and targeting.

Automatic Deer Feeder Tips

When you’re attracting deer with an automatic deer feeder, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Attract deer with corn: Attracting deer using certain plants or foods can be quite effective, but corn is the most cost-effective approach to attract deer.
  • Invest in a high-quality automatic deer feeder: With a superior automatic deer feeder, the battery can last up to 3 monthsSome deer feeders can even operate from a solar panel, so you don't have to worry about charging as much when your feeder is powered by sunlight.
  • Set the timer on the deer feeder: If you're using an automatic deer feeder for hunting, you can set a timer to distribute food near your hunting hour.

Are Deer Feeders Worth It? 

A deer feeder can enhance your hunting strategy and allow you to hunt the most mature bucks. Purchasing a high-quality automatic deer feeder will be the best decision you’ll make this season. It guarantees that your deer will be exactly where you want them to be. 

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