Rubber Flashing and Nylon Velcro

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Replacement Rubber Flashing and Nylon Velcro for Daytime Deadfall Feeder

Customer Reviews

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Scott Schachner
Rubber flashng

I bought a replacement less than a year ago and it cracked and leaked. So I bought another one. We'll see how long this one lasts

John Rentz
Did not last 1 season

The velcro was missing from my order

Mark Lloyd
Rubber flasing and Velcro strips

I do believe you people can do something much better than this material for the wings. The opening and closing of the wings plus the uv raise this product will continue to fail. Very cheap on your part you need to come up with something much better this going to fail year after Year. Your service department is very understanding. Very helpful and fast shipping.

Dale Futrell
Not worth the price. Do not buy this junk.

To start with 1/2 the parts were missing including the controller, but they did send me everything. Now not a year later the rubber seal with velcro is dry rotted and gone. The controller has gone out, now for me to get it usable it's going to cost me another 100 bucks.